handcrafted with love by @oscarelrocket


Current Supply: 18

3D Voxels

Genesis & Main Collection, here is where I present my 3D Voxel characters, they all come from either my mind or based of another form of Art, but they’re all crafted by your fren @oscarelrocket

Crafted with ❤️‍🔥 love, they all have a brain  🧠, a heart ❤️ & a skeleton ☠️  inside of them.

Floor Price: 0.3 ETH

The Art

The characters are unique and they all come from my brain, I build them and animate them.

At first I created I.T. WAGMINI #001 because he was going to be (already is) a character in my business, he had been stuck in my brain since elementary school & finally had a chance to bring him to life!

The idea behind every character is that it’s unique (I even have CUSTOMS), your’s and you own the Art…

This website, brand, characters & everything you see around is made by my two hands and it’s my place to express myself completely as my business brand, nor my client’s allow me to fully express myself ❤️‍🔥


The path taken

In September 2021 I started doing research about Crypto and started working on the WAGMINIS brand January 1st 2022.

Every since that day, I’ve spent over 700 hours putting in work and researching  in WEB3 Technology…

+ Understand the needs of the Web3 community
+ Craft this Website
+ Write all the text
+ Develop all the branding
+ Create our Discord, Install the Bots, Create the Stickers
+ Launched our Drip Store
Accept $CRYPTO payments in Store
+ Design the Drip
+ Open a Twitter account & Hit 1k
+ Develop & Show Web3 skills in our Discord


Total Supply: 100
Deployed: 90

A Web3 Project by WAGMINIS

The Web3 community wanted a project and this is my way of giving you one.

Even tho the WAGMINIS are not a project, here’s a token of my appreciation!


The Vision

Let’s Invest in the Metaverse for starters!

For the MEKAMINIS Collection we’ll start small because we’re just starting, we want to invest and HOLD pieces of land in Metaverses that seem like good Investments.

So far I’ve only done enough research in DECENTRALAND & THE SANBOXGame and I think this 2 Projects are doing very good.


What we’ll do with the $

Brand Investments:
+ Buy 1 plot of Land in THE SANDBOX Game
+ Buy 1 plot of Land in DECENTRALAND
The rest of the $Money is payment to me


Take a deeper look

The cheapest DECENTRALAND Land polt is selling for 2.4 ETH at the moment (May 25 2022).


The cheapest Land polt for THE SANDBOX Game is selling for 1.6 ETH at the moment (May 25 2022).


What you´ll get from your purchase

+ 1 MEKAMINI = 1% Land ownership
 Discounts in our Merch Store
+ Exclusive Merch Designs
+ VIP benefits to future NFT Drops



This can only work if we gather the funds, so if that doesn’t happen, nothing will.

Here’s the wallet with the funds collected so far:


A look into the future

+ Holders of the previous collections will have benefits in new collections…